Services offered by Jigsaw Design

Not all graphic designers can provide the same services and I can’t promise to be able to meet all your needs either.

But after almost 10 years designing, I’ve met a lot of people who can fill the gaps if I fall short.

Below are services I offer :

The Corner Pieces

(where most jigsaws are started from)

Web design

I am an accomplished web designer and have designed and constructed websites in many different styles for many different clients.

These sites have been for tattooists, wardrobe builders, air-conditioning wholesalers, international colleges and more.

And the websites have all required their own approach and features.

Design for Mobile Devices

Nobody can leave their homes anymore without their mobile devices.

Because of that you need to be able to reach them when they are out and about. And that's where mobile optimisation comes in.

Jigsaw Design can optimise websites to target your customers who are always on-the-go.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

DIY is an intrinsic part of who kiwis are; this translates to us liking control over the content of our websites, so CMS is essential.

Graphic Design

A bit of a catch-all phrase that covers designing most things for print.

As I said previously, I've worked on magazine layouts, print ads, packaging, posters, brochures, corporate stationery and much more.

See some examples of my print work in my design portfolio.

Logo Development

Logo development usually falls under the graphic design moniker.

Concepts and numerous revisions make me think it deserves its own mention though.

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The Edge Pieces

(not essential to portraying the picture, but they complete the puzzle)

Print Liaison

I work regularly with printers to ensure the quality of my design is maintained and that pricing remains competitive.

Let me take concept to completion; printing multi-page booklets, cd folders, standing banners and more.

Domain Names

The address your customers type to find you online.

I can recommend and organise a suitable domain name for your business that will help you reach your customers.


You need webhosting to make your website accessible to your customers via the internet.

I can offer a reliable hosting service with unlimited space and email addresses at very competitive pricing.

Speak to me to about saving money on your web hosting.