Want to know more about Jigsaw Design?

I have been working in the graphic design world for close to 10 years now and the Jigsaw Design name has been with me the whole time.

I don’t make jigsaws… although I could if that's what you needed.

No, somewhere in life I picked up the nick name Jiggy, which then got shortened to Jig and… you get the picture.

Essentially, I design things. I design ads. I design websites. I design business cards. I design catalogues.

And you know what? I’m good at it. My clients keep telling me, my employers tell me and my peers tell me… and it's a fair observation.

Career timeline

When I first started in the industry, I earned my stripes as a web designer for a company called Phase 2.

We worked closely with Qudos Advertising and the big learning curve got even steeper as I worked along side some very accomplished designers.

Before long I had built my own client list and went freelancing, retaining my ties with Qudos.

My relationship with Qudos benefited us both and for many years I operated out of their office gaining valuable experience working in an agency.

We did a lot of work for Tourism Fiji over this time and I even wrangled a trip to the islands to help on the TVC.

If you’re paying attention you’ll even see me in the first few seconds of the ad.

In recent years, I completed a full rebranding of international tertiary institute; Auckland Institute of Studies.

I modernised the design across all their marketing collateral, the fresh design appealing to their international target market.

Next? Maybe I’ll be building your new website or designing your corporate stationery. Check out my portfolio for past work.

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Jigsaw at home

More interesting facts about me you never knew and probably never wanted to.

I like to call it research and inspiration, but really I just enjoy reading comic books and playing video games.

Marvel’s Silver Surfer would be my favourite character despite a really bad cartoon where all he ever did was soul search.

I like to consider myself a beer enthusiast. As in, I’m enthusiastic about beer, I drink it, I talk about it and sometimes I write about it.

I also brew beer. A few friends and I built our own all-grain brew kit in the quest for better beer.

I’m an avid rugby league fan and I’m still learning to surf. Don’t ask how long I’ve been trying.

So now you know if you see me at the pub, order me an IPA, pull up a pew and we can argue over who’d win a fight between Manu Vatuvei and Captain America.

Jigsaw Design aims high to achieve the best results in design for clients